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In addition to the academic subjects, students are encouraged to take active part in the following co-curricular activities, which are organized in appropriate clubs and societies depending on that student's aptitude and preferences:

a. Arts (emphasis on traditional Arts & Crafts, Textiles, etc)

b. Drama, debating and quiz

c. Farming

d. French (emphasis on the Speech medium and European culture)

e. Home Management

f. Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientist (JETS Club). Membership is compulsory for all Science students

in the senior classes.

g. Journalism (Press Club)

h. Music (choir and band groups with each student able to play at least one instrument)

i. Nigerian culture (emphasis on Nigerian Languages and cultures)

Skills Development Programmes:

i. Electrical installations

ii. Barbing/Hairdressing

iii. Photography

iv. Carpentry

v. Plumbing

vi. Tailoring

vii. Cookery

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