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Twelve Apostles College is a leading mission school for boys and girls aged eleven to eighteen. Founded in September 2003, it is a Nigerian Educational curriculum boarding school situated in Ndiaboishiagu, Sharon in Ebonyi State in Nigeria. Educational facilities include a library, a music room, a fully equipped Information Technology laboratory and well organized science laboratories. Sporting facilities already include outdoor courts for table tennis, basketball, handball, and volleyball. Our pupils come from a wide variety of backgrounds in Ebonyi State and other state in Nigeria, which adds to the diversity of school life.

Twelve Apostles College is basically concerned with the development of young people and their preparation for later life. We believe that to provide our pupils with a healthy education, we must:

  1. Give each of our pupils a sense of belonging.
  2. Enable our students to achieve the highest possible academic qualifications.
  3. Maintain a variety of channels: intellectual, cultural, technical, social, spiritual and physical, each allowing the particular talents of its members to emerge, and each carrying a certain status in the eyes of the community.
  4. Develop a sense of the value of service to the community
  5. Play our part (as must the individual family unit of each student) in fostering positive values in our pupils for later life.

Please do not hesitate to visit the school to see us at work. We hope that parents will become closely involved with the school and its work. We maintain an open-door policy and like to meet with parents over any problems that arise.


  • To make pre-university international education affordable to Nigerians.
  • To provide one of the best educational opportunities available in the world today.
  • To prepare students for entry into the world's leading and most selective universities.
  • To bring the less privileged gifted children the opportunity of free private secondary school education.
  • To instill discipline and thereby develop sterling character in the youth.
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