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Formation of the young is the process of developing and shaping the qualities that make up that child’s personality. Formation can be partial or holistic. It is partial when only an aspect of life is emphasized to the neglect of other sides. For instance, that the child must be taught well to pass his/her examination and when that is done, the case is considered finished. No other aspect like good manners, spirituality, sports etc is touched. Such a student can come out an academic giant, yet with lopsided view of life.

On the other hand, formation is holistic when it has regard for and touches every aspect of life: academic, spirituality, sports, manners etc. It is this holistic approach to the formation of character that we call integral formation. This integral formation was the target at the back of my mind in establishing Twelve Apostles College. Students formed in this way come out complete and balanced human beings.

Twelve Apostle College started in 2003 with only J.S.S 1 with few structures has now grown to over 800 students with modern facilities and structures. I welcome you to our school website. Take your time to enjoy our website, it is our school at your door step.


Rev. Fr. Gabriel Enogu


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